Double Digits and 31 Days of Kindness.


I discovered this in her notebook weeks ago.

Today is a big day in our house.

Double digits.


She’s unbelievably excited and I, like all parents, am unbelievably stunned how quickly this is all going.

When I launched my first personal blog we were collecting adoption paperwork (an adoption which took ages to complete).

Ten years later I’m still blogging and she’s heading toward…womanhood.

(or something like that)

I’ve shared before how my favorite thing about her is her nurturing heart (that’s a shoutout to life-changing teachers everywhere).

Screen Shot 2015-01-24 at 5.27.03 AM

I’ve also written about how we don’t really give gifts for birthdays or Hanukkah as we’ve chosen instead to do experiences.

Tickets to musicals. Special one on one time with a parent etc.

We also try to incorporate an element of giving back as she heads toward her birthday celebration each year.

In honor of double digits, however, she & I decided to do something a little different.

Instead of performing mitzvahs correlated to the age she’s turning we decided to mimic the Christian advent calendar except using mitzvahs/kind acts. 

(Sort of mimic, anyway. This Jewish Mama didn’t think about how our calendar could end at Christmas. We kept going.)


We found a blank calendar online.

We brainstormed 31 acts (some big, some tiny).

We typed and we printed.

It all starts tomorrow.



I could pretend “as her birthday gift she wants all of you to join us!” but that wouldn’t be true.

Today she’s laser focused on rushing to school and being the center of attention with her friends.

It is *I* who love the idea of others joining in our 31 Days of Kindness adventure.

I’ve shared our calendar and it’s deliberately small.

It’s big enough you can probably read our ideas–but not created as clickable to print.

Join us in creating your version of a 31 Days of Kindness adventure.

And that’s my invitation to you today.

No question at the end of this post.

No real call to action.

Just an invitation to print a calendar, fill it out and spread the kindness throughout December.

Oh and one final thing:

I realize kindness is a practice not a project.

Sometimes, however, the project serves to move us back to the practice.

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