4 reasons I advocate nighttime snacking.

Casual on HULU

Casual snacking.

I recently heard the statistic SIXTEEN PERCENT of us eat or drink while watching television at night.


That’s me.

I may be a mindful eater, but you’ll always find Charming and me snuggled on the couch at night with snacks alongside us.



Million Dollar Listing? Brooklyn 99? Grace and Frankie? my eyeballs may be feasting on them but my mouth is always otherwise engaged.


Child to bed. Charming taken out to do his “business.” Mama snags snack and hits the couch.

I’m a card carrying consistent member of the 16% club.

4 reasons nighttime snacking works for me:

  • My snacking isn’t mindless. I may be focused on Kyle Chandler, but I make a MINDFUL choice before I turn on the TV. I stop, ask my body what it craves and bring a portion of snack with me. Never the entire container. Researchers found people who eat while watching TV consume approx. 228 calories more per day than those who do not. I contend I don’t do this because I leave the container in the kitchen.


  • I enjoy it. I savor the sensations. I adore my hour of snacking, de-stressing and watching trash TV. Life is short. Jack LaLanne lived to 97. He ate little, ingested no caffeine & never tasted dessert. LaLanne’s motto was: If it tastes good–spit it out!! My grandma lived to 101. She was active, ate dessert, and if it tasted good she left it in her mouth. For me it’s the old joke about ascetic-living: “I may live longer if I don’t night-snack…and it will feel longer, too.”


bacon = almost beef jerky.

  • It’s not junk. Be it a frozen, protein shake or oatmeal cookies my nighttime TV snack has some nutritional value. Experts say television sparks our memory to “skip” what we’re eating. Ive taken time to prepare my snack (sometimes considerable time)– and contend there’s no way my memory is “skipping” that. Especially since I also leave kitchen clean up till after TV-time.



  • I’m a ME-expert. And *you* are the expert of you. Ive mentioned “researchers” a few times and I’m all for listening to them. I believe in reading and info-gathering. Before I make decisions, however, I grow still. I listen to my body. I remind myself I am the expert of me. This expert brazenly believes her membership in the Nighttime-TV-Watching-Snacking-16-Percent Club is OK. I’m doing what I can when I can.


Obviously, I’ve considered this habit of mine a great deal since I first read the statistic.

I’ve come to this conclusion:

Night-snacking works for me because Ive had 46 years in this bod and know intuitively what it needs.

Now you.

  • Are you a member of the 16% Club? Are you, too, surprised the number is so low?
  • What’s YOUR current Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime TV series of choice? I’m always looking for ones to play sidekick to my snacks…

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