3 feelings I desire for 2016.


(not a 2106 goal-feeling)

Sometimes the internet is like a game of telephone.

Someone reads an article and they tell 2 friends. And they tell 2 friends. And so on (please tell me you remember this?).

And, by the time the gist of the article is relayed to me, no one remembers either who initially shared or, more often than not, the true specifics of the piece.

My most recent experience with Internet-Like-Telephone centers around a friend saying she’d heard about a new approach to resolutions.

As she phrased it: a friend of hers said she’d heard someone had suggested in place of resolutions/New Year’s goals we identify 3 ways we want to *feel* in the coming year.

Regardless of origin, I loved the idea immediately.

I’ve been over resolutions for a while now.

Resolutions do not motivate me.

I’m the 82%.

I set goals, but I do so throughout the year as the spirit and opportunity strike me.

Personal, professional, parenting, spiritual, healthy living–all of it.

I set.

I revisit.

I shift course if I need to.

I work toward achieving while still making time to enjoy the process.




Average. This is a feeling I’d not mind in 2016!

I definitely don’t require a shiny new year to prompt me to make resolutions.

But feelings?

How I hope to feel throughout the next 360+ days?

Identifying feelings felt like a good challenge and working to achieve/sustain said feelings felt like an endeavor which I could embrace.

At first, to my surprise, I went negative (!).

Instead of being my typical optimistic self I focused immediately on what I didn’t want to feel this next year.

I don’t want to feel lonely, I don’t want to feel stagnant type stuff.

This information was helpful (knowing what I don’t want is half the battle) yet that wasn’t my intention with the list.

I needed to heed my own advice, stop, and turn my words inside out.

3 Feelings I want to experience throughout 2016:

1)    Connection.


This is something I write about frequently because I’ve learned it’s crucial for me to feel hopeful about life. I know it’s impossible to feel strongly connected all the time (we all have people in our lives where after interactions with them we think: That was a really odd and awkward).  This coming year, however, I am choosing to feel it more often than not. I’m choosing carefully with whom I’ll spend my time.  I’m prioritizing surrounding myself with people who help me feel grounded/connected. I’m seeking work from brands and clients where I feel a connection with the product/mission.

2)    Comfy.

Having a child has shifted the way I view pretty much everything.  A few years ago, during a late night chat, she told me I made her feel comfy.  She shared she was nervous to sing in front of people, but not in front of me for that very reason. She continued, saying comfy means someone makes you feel like home and that’s what I do for her. I’ve pondered that conversation frequently and have decided that’s precisely what I want for myself these next 360-ish days. I want to feel comfy. I want to help others feel comfy. I want to feel like I’m home–wherever I am.

3)    Pride.

Once upon a time I  ranted about who can and cannot use the P-word with me. I stand by my rant. I’ve realized, however, I’ve not felt proud of my owndamnself in a while. That said, this is an example where turning one’s words inside out doesn’t work. I haven’t felt a teeming sense of pride lately, but I’ve also not experienced the opposite (shame? disappointment?).  Still, this is a signal for me I’ve lost sight of my passions. It’s an indication I’m not fully using my gifts. I do good work. I’m a good mother. I need want to find that extra something or push the extra mile and make 2016 the year of feeling consistently proud.

I’m really excited about my list for myriad reasons.

Unlike goals/resolutions these feelings are ones I can choose to find in practically each moment of every day.

I can create comfy. I can choose connection. I can work to make myself proud.

Unlike the goals/resolutions of which I’d grown tired, endeavoring to create these feelings in my life seems like an energizing endeavor.

I’m excited by the thought of taking time at the end of each day to reflect upon which, if any, of these feeling I experienced and how I might increase these experiences as the weeks progress.

Unlike resolutions I’m inviting you to join me and asking you the same question I asked myself:



  • Have you paused to consider what 3 feelings you want to most experience throughout 2016?

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