JWalking Designs Running Kilts.


fantastic treats contained inside.

Before we get started I need to take care of some legal business.

JWalking Designs sent the running kilts featured below. The opinions, however, are all mine, the child’s, the Doodle’s, and the Husband’s.

Once upon a time I was a blogger who did lots of product reviews.

It felt fun.

I felt fancy!

The Child felt important!

The house felt…cluttered.


post-move mess, but you get the idea.

And so I stopped.

And I shifted to story telling.

Time passed and, to my surprise, I realized I missed the fun of telling my family’s stories about experiences with products we wanted to try out.

And JWalking Designs emailed. And a partnership was made.

First, I’m a long time fan of the running skirt.

If you’re a long time fan reader of me you might remember my MizFit branded all monies to charity creation?

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 4.36.46 AM

Sadly, I’ve worn my last remaining skirt until it’s thisclose to falling apart and I’ve been searching for a replacement.

I opened the JWalking designs site and knew they might have the skirt I sought:

Kilts, plaids, solids, *and* a charitable arm.

This could be fun for the whole family! I thought. And, to my delight, the brand agreed.

I checked out their size chart (they describe the sizes as generous) and ordered an XS for the Child and me.

The men’s kilts, which do not come with built-in shorts, also run larger and I selected a medium for the Husband.

JWalking Running Kilt

the child and I chose the mad about plaid skirt.

As soon as we opened the package the Child insisted the Husband put on his kilt.

Thanks in no small part to his Scottish heritage– he happily complied.

He loved the fit. He was not surprised he needed to supply his own under-shorts. Apparently he knew this was a MenKilt thing (?).


pre-hike. rockin’ the green/blue plaid.

Our first test of the JWalking kilts was to the the Goldendoodle out for an off-lead frolic.

I cannot tell a lie.

At first Charming was a tad uncertain he wanted to be seen with the Kilt Krew:


“Big Biped, what are you wearing?!”

But he quickly got into the spirit of it all.

His little biped, however, needed no encouragement to adore both being in and being seen in her new skirt.


hmmm. how do I love this skirt?


let me count dance the ways!



Me? I loved my running/hiking kilt too.

So much so I jumped for JOY (about the kilt. not so much about the cardio to come).


That morning during our post-hike snack we each decided we *loved* different facets of our new kilts.

I loved the comfort. I adored how the wide waistband didn’t dig into my side.

I also loooved the pockets which I imagine runners might use for gels etc. and which I used for (empty) poopbags, money and my phone.


The Child’s definite favorite part of the skirt (outside of the color and the plaid) was the inclusion of the undershorts.

She’s a girly skirt-lover.

She also *loves* having the option to not be demure and built in shorts afford her that spontaneity.


For that reason alone (and the plaid and the plaid) she’s barely taken the kilt off since it arrived.


The KiltWearingHusband?

He loved the fun of it all.  The chance to hike/jog in a kilt (which he may never have had otherwise!).

Quite frankly I wasn’t sure he’d embrace the entire skirt’perience as he did and his reaction alone made saying yes! to JWalking Designs a fun decision.

Would we spend our *own* hard-earned money on the JWalking kilts?

This is the big important question for me in product reviews. Would I purchase the item if it had not been sent to me to review?

  • The child (and all her friends. and more than a few of her teachers) is a definite YES.
  • I’m a YES with the caveat of I wish they offered skirts a TINY bit shorter. The Mad About Plaid worked well for my needs, but might be too long for the shorter among us to full-out run in.
  • The husband is a definite YES with absolutely no caveats involved. Fun, comfy and the ability to match his daughter? He was practically sold before putting it on!

And you?

  • Have you ever run/walked/hiked/gone to breakfast in a running KILT?
  • Do you think your male partner/friends would love the kilt as mine did?

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